SafetyTo Safety

We are aware that there is no greater focus than the safety and health of each and every person who supports our operations. Our commitment is very clear - no harm means no incidents, no injuries and no fatalities. We endeavour to create a safe work environment that centres around preventing catastrophic incidents and reduces injuries. Our focus is to identify and minimize any risks that may affect the health and safety of our people.

CommunityTo the Community

We are committed to diversity and treating everyone with respect. Together, we listen to each other and collaborate so that we may build sincere relationships with our neighbours in communities we operate in. We have an active interest and respect for Indigenous Peoples that surround our operations by understanding the social, environmental and economic implications of our activities. Our focus is to maximize the benefits and minimize any negative impacts.

EnvironmentTo the Environment

We are responsible stewards to the land, air, water and biodiversity of the areas from which we are extracting our natural resources from. Through environmentally friendly ways we will operate our business in order to minimize any potential to harm our natural surroundings. We understand that our planet is precious. As we grow operationally our focus is to have no adverse environmental impacts and to achieve this we will undertake a range of active programmes for environmental management. We understand the only way to do this is to work closely and collaboratively with local communities and other stakeholders including customers, suppliers, investors, regulators, industry members and the public.

Research and InnovationTo Research and Innovation

We are a part of a global laboratory of research and innovation and are open to collaboration and discovery in an endeavour to do good. Our elements will ultimately be used in various ways and we understand their versatility. We strongly support new processes to apply our products and welcome opportunities for new and safe innovations that will benefit mankind.

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